10 Little Known Facts About Alexandra Daddario

Here are 10 little known facts about the talented American actress Alexandra Daddario, who is most famous for starring in movies, appearing in music videos, and taking part in the voicing of games.

Alexandra Daddario | deadline.com
Alexandra Daddario | deadline.com

1. The start of the career

Alexandra said that she decided to be an actress when she was eleven years old. She firstly got an education at Marymount Manhattan College, which is one of the best colleges for fine arts in the US. She studied the Meisner acting technique for many years. Daddario did not start acting professionally until the age of 16.

2. First roles

Her longest TV appearance was in the American television soap opera All My Children, where she played Laurie Lewis from 2002 to 2003. Alexandra appeared in 43 episodes! It was the role from which she started her successful career.

3. Breakthrough

After performing in of minor roles in TV shows and independent films, including The Squid and The Whale, Daddario received her breakthrough role in 2010. She starred as Annabeth Chase in the fantasy adventure movie Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. This role brought her fame and recognition.

4. Following appearances

Alexandra also appeared in music videos and voiced prominent characters in video games, such as Marvel Avengers Academy and Battlefield Hardline. In 2012, Daddario appeared in the music video Radioactive by the pop-rock band Imagine Dragons.

5. Beauty

The actress is a very attractive woman. Admired for her blue eyes and charming smile, Alexandra was ranked 80th on Maxim’s Hot 100 list in the year 2014. She also took part in advertisements. She was the face of the Swiss watch company, Movado. Alexandra said it was her dream to be a part of this brand.

6. Relationships

The famous actress has many admirers, speaking not only about fans but men too. It is known that Alexandra has dated many of her co-stars. Daddario was in a relationship with her Percy Jackson co-star Logan Lerman. However, the relationship didn't last long, and they broke up in 2015. It was rumored that Alexandra was dating her Baywatch co-star Zac Efron. But after she denied the rumors, it became clear that the two had nothing serious, they were just friends. At present, the actress is known to be single.

7. Love for dogs

The actress lives in Los Angeles and has a dog named Levon. Alexandra said that acting isn’t the only thing that has been keeping her busy. The celebrity has a new role: she is collaborating with the organization, which promotes a website. With the help of this website, people are able to see what dogs are out there to adopt. Now Alexandra is a major animal lover and a big dog adoption advocate. She also collaborated with the company to honor of National Dog Day, which is held on August 26, to help bring attention to dog adoption. The actress said that having a dog brings much joy into her life.

8. Other interests

Alexandra Daddario loves hiking. She said that having her dog had helped her explore more of Los Angeles and encouraged her to discover trails that were more off the beaten path. The actress added that although it could sound ridiculous, she never wanted her dog to get bored, that is why she is always looking for new places. She says it helps her to be in good condition because hiking is like working out.

9. Relaxing

Alexandra also enjoys practicing yoga. She finds that it really helps de-stress and forget about all the problems. She thinks that yoga is a good way to become more productive because you center yourself on important things. Besides yoga, she is fond of weight training. She advises all women to do these exercises as a part of their workout routine.

10. Traveling

Daddario has visited a lot of beautiful places. She made a road trip through the South once. She went to Chattanooga, where her family lives. Alexandra said that she liked this trip because it was filled with a lot of BBQ. Another fantastic trip she made was traveling to Japan. She went all the way down to Hiroshima and then returned to Tokyo, stopping in Osaka and Kyoto on the way.

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