10 Interesting Facts About Kanye West

Kanye West is a celebrity who is loved as he is hated. He can bring some positive mood, as well as to emerge a negative emotional tornado. Nevertheless, he proved to be a smart man with multiple talents. Ten exciting facts will show the rapper from different perspectives.

Kanye West | studio21.ru
Kanye West | studio21.ru

1. A rapper with a multitalented nature

It seems that he has got so much energy that he is ready to try himself in any profession. Everybody knows him as a successful and skilled rapper, but fewer people know that he launched a travel website ten years ago. Unfortunately, today, you will find nothing for exception spam on this site. He is also a demanded fashion designer. Besides, he is a great producer with rich experience in the industry. Today he continues trying himself in various perspective fields.

2. Childhood

The rapper was born in 1977. He hasn’t got any siblings. His parents divorced when he was three years old. He had a comfortable and thrilling childhood – he lived in China and Chicago and was good at school.

3. Education

At high school, he was pretty good at art. He even received a scholarship and entered the art academy. Three years later, he rejected the idea of getting a degree. Kanye decided to make music and quitted college. He had mixed feelings after dropping out and chose to express them in music.

4. The first success

Despite his success as a musician, the producers doubted to sign him as a rapper. But they gave him a chance to show himself. And this was the right decision. The rapper managed to unleash all his potential and impressed producers. Those times his mother left her work at the university and became his manager. In 2007 his mother died due to compilations after plastic surgery. The rapper wrote a song for her as a tribute. He also launched a design company and named it in her memory.

5. The car accident

In 2002 he was involved in the severe car crash, which almost took his life. He has a broken jaw and had to undergo surgery.

6. The controversial conduct in the public eye

The rapper despises paparazzi. He often attacks them, as a result, has several law issues. One day he wrestled the photographer to the ground. In his songs, he expressed his hatred and even told that “he hates them more than Nazis.” He repeatedly inappropriately conducted on the award shows. Thus he stormed out the auditorium when he lost the title of the artist of the year to the county singer. In 2006 he went on the stage and argued that it was up to him to receive the MTV music award.

7. Liposuction

Before his marriage, he decided to undergo cosmetic liposuction. The rapper admitted that he tried avoiding the media’s trolling because of his weight.

8. Health issues

He was taken in the medical center involuntary in 2016. The rapper suffered from paranoia. His mental health was damaged due to sleep deprivation and dehydration. He also said that he used to take opioids, which were recommended him after liposuction. The star had to cancel 21 concerts to struggle with his health. In 2019 on the late show, he announced that he had a bipolar disorder.

9. A presidential campaign

The rapper decided to take part in the presidential elections in 2020.

10. Today

Today he is a family man who has not to worry about the financial aspect of life. He gathered an impressive fortune. Interestingly that the rapper decided to award himself with a vast and luxurious aquarium after his first commercial success. He is 42 years old. In 2019 he stated that he loved Christianity; meanwhile, the service of multiple gods made him crazy.

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