10 Suprising Facts About Jennifer Lawrence

She is a talented actress who has gained the number of prestigious accolades. Despite all success, she prefers to stay a down-to-earth and unaffected person. She considers the acting is a stupid profession if to compare with life-saving jobs like doctors. This belief helps her to remain on the earth and don’t get all star-struck. In 2019 she has become even more self-made. The actress married her boyfriend, a famous New York art-director Cooke Maroney.

One of the most recognizable actresses has more interesting facts which would probably surprise you.

Jennifer Lawrence | independent.ie
Jennifer Lawrence | independent.ie

1. A path to success

Today she doesn’t have any problems with getting roles. She lives in a beautiful house and has the opportunity not to worry about her future, at least from the financial point of view. In 2015 and 2016, she was the highest-paid actress in the world. The movies with her participation grossed about $6 billion across the globe. But it was not always so. When she was fourteen, she moved to New York with her 19-years-old brother. She persuaded parents to let her go with him, but when they stayed at the cheap hotel without parents, they got a little panic. In a recent interview, the actress confessed that she hasn't a diploma as she dropped out of middle school.

2. The first success

She had to struggle to build a successful career as an actress and model. Her first success crashed on her in 2010 when she played in indie drama a tough-as-nails teenager.

3. A tattoo

The actress doesn’t have tattoos and doesn't like ink. Nevertheless, she made a minuscule "H2O" tattoo on her right hand. She considered that this tattoo would remind her to drink more water. But she didn't google the meaning of the symbol. She said, "I'm a middle school drop out, it was 'H squared O.' So I have 'I'm an idiot' tattooed on my hand forever."

4. Her nicknames

In her childhood, she got the nickname Nitro from nitroglycerin. The actress said that she received such a nickname because she was hyper. Besides her parents called her "Plays with Fire," when she grew up, she realized what they meant. Before her appearance on the earth, her parents weren't going to have kids anymore. "I didn't realize why my nickname was 'Plays with Fire' until I got older," she told the magazine. "But my parents played with fire, and they got burned."

5. Love to reality shows

The actress is a big fan of reality shows. She even has the idea for her reality show.

6. The famous neighbors

Jennifer lives in an area full of celebrities in California. Thus, she goes on hikes with Cameron Diaz. The other Jennifer's pal is Zoe Kravitz.

7. The lost chance to star in Twilights

The actress auditioned on Twighlight movies. She was a candidate for the role of Bella. But she lost it. Jennifer said that she had no idea that the movie would be so popular. "When it came out, I was like, 'Hot damn. Whoa.'"

8. The tomboy

The actress was a real tomboy. She is the only born girl on her father's side in 50 years. She was so robust and active that teachers didn't allow her to play with little girls at school. Besides, she grew up riding horses and was involved in numerous sports activities.

9. Her drunk alter ego

In her adult life, the actress continues to be tomboy sometimes. The actress said she had a drunk alter ego, who sometimes awoke and pushed her to make the dangerous things just for fun. The actress is somewhat cautious in her sober state, but "I get rum in me, and I'm like, 'Let's arm wrestle!'"

10. Play football on the photoshoot

At the beginning of her career, she took several small-time gigs. Thus, she took part in the photo shoot, where models were supposed to play football. Despite Jennifer, all girls had managed with the aim; they were cute and modeled all the time. But Jennifer was so involved in the game that she forgot about cuteness and modeling. Her face became bright red, and nostrils were flared. As a result, the actress' photos had not been used.

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