10 Little Known Facts About Ben Affleck's Personal Life

Ben is a talented actor and a person with a brave heart. He is open to people and isn’t afraid of revealing his personal life, both white and dark sides. All his life, he is struggling against the alcohol addiction. The actor attended rehabilitation centers several times. In 2018 he announced readiness to talk about his illness. Despite the life-long struggle, he remains a very positive guy. You will find several thrilling and positive facts about this awesome actor.

Ben Affleck | pagesix.com
Ben Affleck | pagesix.com

1. His surname

His family friend was the holocaust survivor, whose name was Geza Affleck. His parents decided to name him in his honor.

2. The life-long friendship

His close celebrity friend is Matt Damon. The actors met when they were eight and ten years old. Matt was his next-door friend, as well as a classmate. They both graduated from the same college. Ben was a child star, and it was up to him to lead Matt to the movie industry. The friends were so close that they even shared the bank account. They gathered money to travel to the auditions.

3. He wrote an intricate story of how he bought condoms first time in his life

Affleck took part in writing a sex guide for teens. He shared his emotions and experience of purchasing condoms the first time in his life. He wrote: "I felt so self-conscious and idiotic, but it was all over in a second. I put them down, and she looked at me with this stoic face and rang them up and put them in a bag, and I ran out of that store fast!".

4. Love affairs

The actor was spotted in the relationships with Hollywood actresses. Thus his romance with J Lo was broadly publicized. The other love affair was with Gwyneth Paltrow. After the couple split, Affleck gave the following commentary: "The germ grass and meditation... that is not my thing".

5. Long-tern struggle

The actor suffered alcohol addiction in the 2000s. Those times he was supported by Charlie Sheen. He took Affleck to the rehab center. He gave him a pep talk as a man who passed the same experience. The actor said: "One is never really in or out of treatment. It is a full-time commitment".

6. He made tattoos in honor of his girlfriends

He has many tattoos. Thus the actor made a massive back piece of a phoenix rising from flashes. He did it after he had split with Jennifer Lopez. He also made a dolphin on his hip, trying to hide his high school girlfriend's name.

7. He gambles like a pro

He won the state poker championship in 2004 and took $356,400. The actor proved to be such a vivid gambler that he was banned from the casino when he was revealed in card-counting at the high-rollers table.

8. His genealogy

The genealogy show revealed that the actor has an ancestor who was a slave owner. The show invited him, but he refused. He said that he didn't want to talk about his ancestors, especially those who owned slaves.

9. The actor's marriage

In 2005 he married the actress Jennifer Garner, but then the couple separated in 2015. The marriage brought the actor two daughters and a son.

10. Allegations

Two women as a member of the Me Too Movement accused the actor of inappropriate behavior. The first woman said that he tweaked her left boob. The other woman said that he grabbed her ass at the party. The actor expressed public apologies. Besides, he decided to donate money from future profits from his Miramax movies as a response to the Weinstein scandal.

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